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Saturday, November 12, 2005  

We just keep losing

Last week I briefly detailed three examples of Catholics seeing their faith trampled. Prior to that I had been positive about the Loretto High School case in Sacramento.

I said, "expect a lawsuit" and it dutifully came and the high school capitulated without a struggle to compensate the fired teacher. (via Amy Welborn)

It seems pretty clear that the school was very happy to pay the teacher since they never wanted to fire her in the first place. But one wonders where the compensation is for the student they expelled in retaliation of exposing their fraudulent Catholicity.

Let's see how fast Loretto settles the lawsuit that the Sills bring against them (if they do). I'm betting they will fight that one.


Loretto High School stated that one of the reasons Katelyn Sills was expelled was because of:

"An email circulated on October 27, 2005, throughout the Sacramento region has slandered the reputation and integruty (sic) of Loretto High School. " Excerpt from letter to Loretto students.

What was the horrible email that was worthy of such reaction?

It was this:

Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2005 10:36 AM
Subject: We ask for your prayers

Dear friends and family,

Please pray for our family during this crisis at Katelyn's high school. Click here to see Katelyn's blog, including the recent Sacramento Bee articles, and then skim through the"comments" section. Additonally (sic), the school has prohibited me from campus. Please pray for our family and for Loretto CATHOLIC High School.

Thank you,


via De Civitate Dei and Conservative Schooler

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