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Wednesday, November 09, 2005  

Win one, lose two

A few weeks ago I noted a win for the good guys when Sacramento's Bishop Weigand ordered a drama techer fired at Loretto High School for her pro-abortion activites and convictions.

In retaliation, Loretto's principal had the student, Katelyn Sills, who first reported the teacher's activities expelled.

And today we learn that Georgetown University approves of homosexual unions by providing "partners" benefits.

I've said it before and I will probably keep saying it 'til Hell freezes over, but exactly what's the point in having bishops in the Catholic Church? If they are the singular teaching authorities for the faith, and they won't teach it (and uphold it in their sees), what good are they?

I guess there is no getting over the fact that people in positions of authority prefer to be liked than scorned by people in their own elite class. Therefore, all those horrible orthodox activists and complainers carry no water when the bishop likes being respected and humored by university presidents and so such.

Those grubby, ignorant little Marianists with their rosaries, scapulars, prayer cards, and novena devotions are so declasse.


Make that lose three (perhaps).

A student at Duquesne University, another "Catholic" college was taken to task for remarks he made at an off-campus website. (The thought police will track you down.

Miner was found guilty of offending the university's anti-discrimination policy which prohibits discrimination based on "sexual orientation" among other things. Miner told that he explained at the hearing that his use of the word 'subhuman' was meant towards the homosexual act and not homosexual persons. Moreover, Miner read the Catholic Catechism in his defence as the Catechism refers to homosexual acts as, "acts as acts of grave depravity", "intrinsically disordered" and "contrary to the natural law." His was nonetheless found guilty of the charges.

His punishment? Really cute:

As punishment, Miner was ordered to remove the comments from the website and to write a ten page "objective, expository essay on the viewpoints for and against homosexuality using specific readings." While Miner removed the website comments he refused to write an essay in support of homosexuality as he said it was a violation of his faith.

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