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Saturday, October 15, 2005  

One for our side (or expect a lawsuit)

Sacramento Bee:

A drama teacher at a Catholic high school in Sacramento was fired Thursday after church officials learned she had previously volunteered at an abortion clinic, school officials said Friday.

Marie Bain, 50, of Sacramento, who had taught at Loretto High School since August, was dismissed after a student's parent obtained pictures showing Bain escorting people into a Planned Parenthood clinic last spring.

"Obviously, the very public nature of Ms. Bain's previous volunteer activity at a Planned Parenthood Clinic is inconsistent with her position as a teacher at a Catholic high school and her role as a collaborator in the formation of Catholic women," Weigand wrote. "Abortion is gravely immoral and Ms. Bain's active and public participation in the procurement of abortions is morally inappropriate and unacceptable with regard to her work as a teacher at Loretto."

This teacher, though, doesn't think Catholic values should be practiced in private or that contrary practice that is private counts:

"We lost a great teacher," said Cynthia Mitterholzer, the dance instructor who will take over for Bain.

Mitterholzer said teachers working at a Catholic school understand they must follow certain rules.

However, "I think that your personal life is your personal life, and she complied with everything asked from the school in her contract."

Shall we say that Mitterholzer is unclear of the concept? There are no private acts in a Christian's life. They are all before the eyes of God, and every sin affects the community whether great or small, known or unknown.

It's like a marriage. Can a man cheat on his wife surreptitiously and not have it affect the relationship?

That is not to say that all the employees at Loretto are Catholics. I don't know if that's a requirement, but the terms and conditions of following Catholic morality is.

I can imagine the letters the Bee will get on this regarding evil Catholics and their fascist ways.

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