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Friday, June 24, 2005  

Freedom of Speech is not free

Last April I detailed a situation where I was threatened with a lawsuit for a blog I wrote about the Pearcys. I won't recount all of that. You can go here, and here, and here for more information.

Yesterday I received an email from another blogger (I'm withholding details until I have permission to tell the story) who had thought she/he was anonymous only to be tracked down in cyberspace by Stephen Pearcy with a cryptic, but ominous comment.

I was contacted because of my record with Pearcy's attempted assault on my free speech. I tried to reassure the person but now Pearcy has gone farther by publishing names, phone numbers, and addresses involving this person, and apparently contacting another family member (elderly and not well) by phone and attempting to question them.

The blogger has discontinued their blog, but that's not the reason I'm writing this. That story I will detail if given permission and all the pertinent facts.

What I am writing about is the consequences of free speech which are scarey and chilling.

People have come to the internet, many anonymously, expecting a consequence free forum for whatever they say. But anyone can find you out and publish your name, address, phone number, and company you work for.

When that happens, one can feel pretty exposed. We all know there are nutjobs out there who might as easily fixate on any one of us for what we say or write, and decide to perpetrate some act of violence for their fun.

Then you know how a district attorney feels when his home address is published so that the people he puts away in jail might know where he lives.

Or the fellow in Arizona who's been threatened by Islamofascists. You know, those head cutters?

Bloggers might ask themselves just how far they are willing to go, how much they are willing to risk, just to have a voice online?

Oh yes.

Pearcy has a blog and puts up his story on what he's doing.

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