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Sunday, November 20, 2005  

The devil's in the details

I have previously blogged on the controversy at a local Catholic high school in Sacramento.

The student who was expelled in retaliation for "outing" a teacher who was an abortion clinic volunteer has published all the email correspondence and reported all the other events.

When you read the email exchange (very little on the other side) it is chilling. It were as if one were attempting a dialogue with fascists. The responses by Loretto to the Sills family are inhuman let alone unChristian. Although the school's communications say little, they reveal much about the personality behind them - a sick and bigoted creature hateful towards orthodox Catholicism.

I wrote an email to our Bishop's secretary pleading for some sign that the Bishop will do something on the Sills behalf, but I am not hopeful of a positive response. They were able to sacrifice thousands of children in order to protect a few priests. How eager is any one of them to rebuke some Religious sister in a dispute with lay Catholics?

Priests and clerics of all denominations make it so easy to hate the Church.

Well, put that way, men and women of all races make it easy to despise mankind.

If it weren't for that fact that most people generally act okay when we encounter them, I suppose we'd all commit suicide. That and the fact that there will be a reckoning in the afterlife is what sustains many of us.


For a more strenuous Catholic response, you can go here at Daily Catholic.

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