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Tuesday, January 03, 2006  

Sac Bee wants you dead

Do you think physical characteristics and ethnic ones might be useful in identifying suspects of a crime? The Sac Bee doesn't think so.

It reports on a local murder and kidnapping and refuses to define any outward charateristics of either the victims or perpetrators.

Detectives were interviewing the kidnapping victims Tuesday morning. Marshall said it is not clear how the victims knew the suspects, but the kidnappings and killing were not a random act.

Marshall said there is little description of the suspects, other than the dark-colored Hummer they were last seen driving.

This is disingenuous, of course. There is no doubt as to the skin color of the people involved, but the Bee will want citizens to have every dark Hummer around pulled over.

The Bee is staffed by some really sick and dangerous SOBs.

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