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Saturday, January 07, 2006  

Accepting all the outrage

I have not been blogging that much lately for a few reasons. I've been writing movie reviews for Spero News and that has been satisfying. Also, I notice a number of things that would normally cause me to proclaim my disgust with the Left and the MSM, but knowing that others are on the case, I don't feel as inclined to join the chorus or find an obscure event that few know about yet and broadcast as far as I can.

It's as if I have a certain capacity for absurdities and idiotarians and I am full to the brim. I can't rouse greater passion in complaint or lament.

I am glad that others continue to fight the good fight, but I am losing energy for the daily grind.

Even so, I have hope that people are doing things to stem the tide or reverse the course of culture.

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