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Thursday, December 29, 2005  

Jonah is a good guy

Thanks to Jonah Goldberg for his link from The Corner. I emailed him because I felt he'd recognize a beloved cousin of Cosmo who was loved and will be missed.

If I had the money I'd sign up for one of NRO's cruise ship vacations just so I could thank him in person.

I suppose the death of a pet shouldn't grieve us that much, but I feel it keenly along with my daughter. I didn't expect it to sadden me as much as it does. I think part of it is that I also saw the body of my wife or child in that of my dog's corpse. It made me imagine what if it were not just a beloved dog but a beloved relative.

The death of loved ones, even that of a dog, can be such a hard thing to bear, and we easily forget just how stern the hard facts of life are.

"Golden lads and girls all must,
like chimney sweepers, come to dust."

That's why I love Shakespeare so much. He knew.


Thanks also to Bryan of JYB.

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