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Sunday, November 27, 2005  

What is dumb?

I got this link from a Steve Sailor article comparing Kerry's and Bush's IQ.

Another IQ expert, Charles Murray of the American Enterprise Institute, the co-author of the bestseller "The Bell Curve," came up with a similar result when asked by UPI. Noting that everybody except high school dropouts takes the PSAT when they are sophomores, Murray calculated from PSAT scores that "I think you're safe in saying that Dubya's IQ, based on his SAT score, is in excess of 120, which puts him the top 10 percent of the distribution, but I wouldn't try to be more precise than that."

By way of comparison, Bush's 2000 opponent Al Gore scored 134 and 133 the two times he took an IQ test in high school, putting him just under the top 1 percent of the public. Not surprisingly, the former vice president's' SAT scores were also strong but not stratospheric: Verbal 625, Math 730, for a total of 1,355 out of a perfect score of 1,600.

If anything proves the meaninglessness of a high IQ what could do more to discredit a high number than Al Gore's 133?

The man is a raving lunatic, but I guess the IQ means that he gets to his idiotic conclusions faster than 99% of other nutballs would.

To a small extent, I think that there is some inheritability of intelligence, but I find conclusions about IQ based on race to be fundamentally flawed.

When you see how lower class people treat their toddlers and small children, you can easily see how they are completely unstimulated intellectually.

Children who are not mentally stimulated, and in fact are actively discouraged at an early age are intellectually handicapped the rest of their lives.

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