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Wednesday, November 02, 2005  

The indomitable mujahadeen?

The Christian Science Monitor details special forces and army tactics in killing Taliban in Afghanistan.

The Taliban can't resist aggregating into larger groups when they see small units of Americans. They think they can swarm the Americans and win a battle.

"We've had a lot of success with textbook tactics, getting the smallest element engaged, and then using other assets to just pile on," says O'Neal. "The Taliban are more willing to engage with us when we have smaller numbers."

"I've never sent a squad in as bait," says Colonel Stammer, a native of Redfield, S.D. "I'm sure that it has emboldened the Taliban to attack. But there's no fight where our squads have made contact and lost. Whenever the Taliban fight us, they're decimated."

It mentions that 75% of the contacts result in engagements within hand grenade range.

For the most part, the Taliban are poorly trained, firing wildly enough that they can't hit American soldiers even at close range. "If we were that far from you," Velez says, pointing at a table just 10 feet away, "and I missed you, I would be upset at myself."

The Russians must have been really horrible at war in order for these clowns to have driven them out of the country.

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