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Tuesday, November 29, 2005  

Can Never Trust 'Em

People, that is.

According to the survey done this month by Russell Research for TV Watch, 81% of American TV watchers worry about the kinds of programs their children could be exposed to, and 91% of parents said more parental involvement is the best way to keep kids from seeing what they shouldn't see. Just 9% of parents said the government should increase control and enforcement of network television programming.

Let's see, people want government to take care of their medical, employment, food, and housing needs but lay off the TV set you bureaucratic goons!

I have often noticed that the Libertarian's biggest fear is that some day someone may take his pornography away from him (most Libertarians are men). They fear that more than the NRA fears the ACLU before a liberal court.

Yet 91% of Americans are terrified (to put it hyperbolically) that Big Brother will take Desperate Housewives or Jerry Springer away from them.

It's funny. Government censorship gave us Marlowe, Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, John Donne and myriad others. In America, it gave us Frank Capra, John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, and many more.

Yeah, I have to say that censorship ruins everything.

No one set of parents can police the culture for their children's sake. People have some right to expect a greater effort from their society to act in loco parentis since only society can be everywhere at once.

But then, the idea that society exists more for the benefit of children than for the vices of adults is a novel and odious idea to most these days. O tempora, O mores.

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