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Friday, October 28, 2005  

Victor Davis Hanson agree with me

Hanson expresses the same impatience
with Bush's lack of communication and vision in his second term as I do, the sense of his missing the main chance to solidify conservative principles, and an aggressive foriegn policy which challenges the terrorist states like Syria and Iran.

If the president can win the hearts and minds of the American people on one theme, the others will fall into play. The more the president talks of principle and values, the more he can do so with zeal, and yes, real passion and occasional anger.

The odd thing is that so far the conventional advice to the president — keep the discussion on Iraq only to U.S. national security, not the upheaval of the existing corrupt order; reach out to the Democratic Senate; curb your idealistic rhetoric with Syria or Iran; ignore shrill enemies; nominate someone that the opposition will not seriously object to — has only emboldened critics here and abroad. It is time to go back on the offensive, both for the idealistic legacy of the Bush presidency and the immediate future of his ideas in the upcoming 2006 elections.

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