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Tuesday, October 11, 2005  

Verrrrrryyyyy Interesting

Isn't it interesting that the ad hominem attacks from Republicans toward those who express sincere, intelligent, and deliberated misgivings over Harriet Miers get to be called the kinds of names that the Left and Dems likes to use.

Elitism. Sexism. Oh, yes this is also supposed to be bigotry toward evangelical Christians according to Hugh Hewitt. Why if Miers had a drop of Indian, Spanish, or Negro blood in her we'd be called racist, too.

Hugh Hewitt believes himself to be the finest pragmatic political analyst in the world teaches us what we should never trust a lawyer. He has been well trained to distort other people's arguments with pride and pretend he has refuted what hasn't been asserted.

Lawyer think and speak is one of the worst possible things in the world. They puff up the possessor with the delusion that he wins every argument by virtue of twisting meaning in a way that makes them sound plausible in response, while they have missed the point entirely.

Hugh can't admit he is supporting Bush with blind loyalty, so he impugns other people's motives. Try to argue with Hugh and he plays his lawyer language obfuscation game and then declares what a clever boy he is.

He declares that Miers is being savaged when all that is being done is a hunt to find some bona fides that would persuade.

From the Washington Post:

"We spent about 1,200 hours together and had in excess of 6,000 agenda items, and I never knew where Harriet was going to be on any of those items until she cast her vote," former council colleague Jim Buerger said. "I wouldn't consider her a liberal, a moderate or a conservative, and I can't honestly think of any cause she championed."

On the one hand, she's no ideologue and plays her hand close to the vest. On the other hand, she doesn't buck the system.

The article is actually quite flattering.

She would meet with abortion rights advocates and gay rights activists but tell them firmly she did not agree with them. She backed a redistricting plan aimed at electing more minorities even though conservatives called it a quota system. She voted to raise taxes two years in a row, disagreeing with some colleagues who favored deeper budget cuts.

"That's the thing about Harriet -- she did things she didn't have to do and that, if you were only looking out for yourself, you wouldn't do," said John Wiley Price, the Democratic county commissioner whose arrest sparked the protest. "She was gutsy."

She doesn't really seem conservative, though, does she? She goes alone to get along. Well, then so does Hewitt and his crowd.


Hewitt's strange bedfellows include Arlen Specter, Harry Reid, Pat Leahy, and so on. When those creeps come out for a Bush nominee so strongly, you definitely have problems.

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