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Tuesday, October 11, 2005  

A Trail of Tears

Well, I have wept as much as I'm going to over the Catholic Church's abuse of children and young men.

We have been expecting for some time that when the LA Diocese's records were revealed, it would show Archbishop Mahoney as a chief enabler of pedophile priests just as Cardinal Law was.

I hope the diocese goes bankrupt and has to sell every thing it owns, especially the horrible Taj Mahoney Cathedral.

Frankly, I no longer accept the argument that faithful Catholics had nothing to do with this. By refusing to demand accountability in their parishes, by whitewashing the sins of priests, by ignoring their Christian duty to scrutinize the clergy and to fight clericalism with every ounce of their strength, the faithful became ignorant, indifferent, uninterested, and faithless sheep.

People, we Christians have a duty to know ourselves and the people we worship with. We have a duty to demand the best from our clergy, and open accounting. We have a duty to insist upon a voice or else shut the churches down with a refusal to give them a dime.

Catholic complacency is just as guilty as those foul priests and their shameless superiors.

But what can you do? It's the way of the world. People don't want to know themselves and their nature, nor learn how to read the character of others.

Damn those priests, and damn Mahoney and his fellow bishops. Dante knew where they belong.

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