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Monday, October 03, 2005  


"People are saying this was a pick made out of weakness. I disagree. I think this was a pick made out of lese majeste -- an "I am the president and this is what I want" arrogance." J. Podhoretz the Corner

One of the the biggest reasons Bush was elected and re-elected was in order to restore the Supreme Court to some semblance of constitutional sanity.

Thus far he has allowed his lower court appointments to be filibustered without a fight, and now he has chosen two people to serve on SCOTUS whom no one can be certain about regarding their temperments and spines.

More and more President Bush reveals himself to be a man seriously out of his depth. Granted that most men would be out of their depth in his office, but Bush's problem seems to be the same as his father's. He lacks "the vision thing". He doesn't seem to understand what it is his party stands for and what people elected him to do.

Conservatives like myself try to admit, "well, at least he's been resolute on the war on the Islamofascists" but privately we all grumble that he does things like keep warning Syria to be nice or else he'll warn them again to be nice. What happened in Fallujah the first time after the murder of the security men there was a travesty of war and a horrific blunder.

It seems as if Bush just doesn't follow through. We have a Republican majority in both Houses yet what's been done? Tort reform? One bill and then nothing. Tax relief? One major bill early in his first term and then nothing. Regulation reform? Nothing. Oil from Alaska? Nothing. Repeal of the Endangered Species Act? Nothing. Illegal immigration? Nothing.

I have complained before, but on a day to day basis, we have no real idea what Bush is up to, wants to accomplish, or is doing to advance the conservative agenda. For all we know, he might be playing solitaire on his computer all day long.

I am coming to wish that the next few years will fly by and that we can try and elect someone who cares, who "gets" it, whom we can see working in a positive and public way on our agenda.

It's really too late to hope that Bush will wake up and realize that leadership leads. He resembles his father more with every passing day. An ineffective and uninterested man.

Someone once said that Bush senior became President simply because he thought he deserved to be. Bush fils seems to act as if he wanted to be President because his father was.


Marvin Olasky has much to say about Meirs that is heartening in many respects for a Christian, but still leave many questions up in the air as to her legal fitness.

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