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Monday, October 31, 2005  

Pathological Liar

Via (link didn't work from Relapsed Catholic):

"In making his statement, he told another lie, like his claim about black churches being burned in his community when he was growing up.

"It was many months later that some enterprising reporter bothered to check the facts and found out that there were no black churches burned then in Arkansas. That fact was reported, but it never caught up with the original lie that Clinton told. (...)

"The latest Clinton lie, however, required no research to expose it. Here is what he said, from the AP story about Rosa Parks:

"Clinton said he was 9 years old when Parks refused to give up her seat. and he and his friends 'couldn't figure out anything we could do since we couldn't even vote. So we began to sit in the back of the bus when we got on.'"

"Hellooo. Hope, Arkansas, was a town of less than 9,000 when Bill Clinton was growing up there. Towns that small do not have public bus systems. So, he had to be talking about school buses. At that time, the school system in Hope was racially segregated. There would not have been any black students on the bus, relegated to the back of the bus..."

I guess this is what happens when one turns with his whole heart to Christ with repentence and submission to divine guidance. That is, after Bill Clinton inaugerated his famous Christian counseling with his accountability group pastors in the aftermath of Monica. (Heard much from his mentors on Bill's healing and recovery lately? How about ever?)

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