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Saturday, September 03, 2005  

Very sad

I have read at Fox News that three babies died at the Superdome because of heat exhaustion. I find that unbearably sad news. I think of the poor mothers sitting in that airless, filthy tomb with a dead baby in their arms and no place to even lay him or her down. I don't want to blame anyone for it, but it's just a very, sad shame.

So many people have also suffered grievously in Mississippi, too. This is simply a monumental disaster like few we have ever seen. Not so much death as in Johnstown or Galveston, but so many people's lives deranged and shattered.

You wonder how anyone can build on such a coastline again, but you know they will, for it is a very beautiful thing to live near the ocean. The call of the waves is irresistable.

I have often wished to know what it's like to live just above the high tide mark on the dunes with the surf crashing all day and night. Such sweet music, wind, and prospect. How intoxicating it must be.

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