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Thursday, September 15, 2005  

Suicidal people

I understand that al-Qaida is filled by suicidal creatures, but why should the Sunnis in Iraq join them?

A TERRORIST mastermind has united insurgent groups in Baghdad to target the Iraqi Shia Muslim community with the aim of bringing civil war to Iraq, The Times has learnt.

“The enemy here (Tal Afar) did just the most horrible things you can imagine, in one case murdering a child, placing a booby trap within the child’s body and waiting for the parent to come recover the body of their child and exploding it to kill the parents,” said Colonel H R McMaster, a senior American commander in the town.

If they succeed in creating a full out civil war, then the Sunnis will be slaughtered between the Kurds and Shia whom we will support, although the Shia will get all the support they need from Iran most likely.

The Sunnis can't win. Their power is lost forever. All they can do is make themselves so odious that they will be killed as much as other Iraqis want to kill them. And no one will cry for them.

This is a kind of Hitlerian Gotterdamerung. Some people are just too perverse to be allowed to live.

God, how we need to illustrate the evil to Americans that is done by these monsters, but how? The liberals and Left control the MSM, Hollywood, and TV. Americans are simply not getting the story.

We got it well enough during hurricane Katrina, but Bush is losing the propaganda war and the shame is, it doesn't have to be so. He could call Hollywood producers into his office, expose them to the facts of Islamofascist horrors and ask them to help expose the truth. He could make appeals to wealthy conservatives for money and bring them together with competent and patriotic TV and movie producers and writers to get the stories out there in the public.

If America could see what these monsters are and do, if we could be reminded of the real evil out there, it would make a difference. Where is Bush's Frank Capra and the series, Why We Fight? Others have noted this before. Why is Bush so damned obtuse about how to fight and win a war? It drives me crazy.

Hell, the blogosphere alone is filled with people who want to help and have great skills.

For example, the guys from Powerline should be persuaded to quit their day jobs and get a raise in salary to help create the PR campaign which would in some significant way effectively inform Americans about the war honestly.

Michael Yon is recording the heroic war stories, where is his counterpart in Hollywood turning them into movies or TV shows?

As I said below in echoing Instapundit's view of Bush's effectiveness as President, we are not being well served. Bush's mere adequacy is doing a great deal of damage.

I had hoped after 9/11 when he roase to the occasion that Bush might be a great war President, but he had let me down very much. He took too long to invade Iraq and then failed to garrison it properly to crush resistance, nor run a ruthless counter-insurgency program. He allowed politics to get soldiers killed needlessly by tying their hands.

The sad fact which keeps coming to haunt me is that the only great leader we are likely to get is a general who will not be any nicer than Julius Caesar was. The country will do well, but the republic will not survive (because it doesn't deserve to having failed in most of the basic reasons for it).

Bush simply doesn't know how to lead, how to seize the bull by the horns. He is like Jimmy Carter in a different way. Bush is good with the armed services because he walks and talks tough, but he simply doesn't lead the country where it has to go to survive.

It may well be that Bush's Christianity works against him (and us). It could possibly be that in this stage of Bush's faith, he pulls all his punches out of a misguided sense of our religion.

Or he may be just an apple from the tree. Bush pere didn't like to finish things decisivly either.

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