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Tuesday, September 27, 2005  

Protecting babies from their parents

Hospital bans 'cooing' over baby

Cards have been issued to visitors at Calderdale Royal Hospital, Halifax, West Yorks, bearing the words "Respect My Baby" on the front. On the back are the lines written as though from the baby: "I am small and precious so treat me with privacy and respect. My parents ask you to treat my personal space with consideration. I deserve to be left undisturbed and protected against unwanted public view."

Lynsey Pearson, 26, from Halifax, who gave birth to her first child, Hannah, four weeks ago, said: "This ludicrous idea is taking confidentiality to the extreme. If people did not ask me about my baby I would be offended. I am so proud of Hannah and I want to show her off. I imagine all new mums feel that way."

Debbie Lawson, the neo-natal manager at the special care baby unit, said: "We know people have good intentions but we need to respect the child.

"Cooing should be a thing of the past because these are little people with the same rights as you or me."

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This just in!!

RSPCA forbids animal caretakers from petting their dogs or cats.

"Such unwelcomed and uninvited molestations must be stopped in order to protect the natural dignity of our animal friends," a spokesperson said.

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