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Monday, September 05, 2005  

New punchline to old joke

Christians are very familiar with the old parable and joke about the person who in a flood relies on God to save him. First a squad car tells him to evacuate, but he refuses since God will save him. Then rescuers in a boat come by offering to evacuate him but he refuses, repeating his faithful belief in God's miraculous powers, and then a helicopter comes by but he still insists that God will do everything. And then the man drowns goes to heaven and asks God why he didn't save him.

God says, "I sent a squad car, a boat, and finally a helicopter to save you. What more do you want?"

Well, a woman in New Orleans has taken the role of the man in the joke.

Five Blackhawk helicopters flew in formation overhead. A Chinook plucked a trapped resident from a balcony. But 74-year-old Gloria Galway wasn’t budging from her second-floor apartment in the B.W. Cooper public housing complex, despite six feet of water lapping at her building and a rescue boat ready to take her in.

"I got food, water, my two dogs and my Bible," Galway told the rescue team. "God will take care of me."

Ahh, but this time, God had a better answer.

After pleading with Galway for five minutes, Hamilton "Ham" Peterson said, "I’m going in."

He trudged through the water, climbed to Galway’s apartment and told her, "God sent us to get you."

Galway emerged with her dogs, purse and cane. . .

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