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Thursday, September 01, 2005  


A great number of American cities have become hellholes. Name 'em: Detroit, Gary, much of Chicago, New York, LA, San Francisco, Oakland, Washington, D.C., New orleans, Atlanta, and so on.

What do all these cities have in common? They have been run by Democrats for decades and decades. They are basically kleptocracies and work programs for incompetent politicians and bureaucrats (God help us in Sacramento, too) which maintain poverty industies for the sake of power and cash.

I am furious at what I'm seeing in New Orleans. Has any city disaster ever been managed so badly? The incompetence of leadership at every level including the Federal one and the President is of mind boggling monumentality.

How is it possible to turn a supposed great American city into a Third World disaster overnight? These are the people who rule over us? Dear God, how is this madness possible? The loss of order, security, simple service of getting people out of the situation and taken care of.

What happened to my country?! Why does Bush seem so clueless? It's a given that New Orleans' Mayor and the Louisiana governor are useless hacks in a great tradition of idiotic and corrupt politicians, but that the Federal government at the very top is incapable of mobilizing the resources of the nation in crisis and stepping in as needed, well, the shame and disgrace of it is unbearable.

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