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Friday, September 30, 2005  

Happiness is a warm gun?

The critic, James Bowman, takes note in his review of Dear Wendy that the idea of the Danish writer and the director, “is that it is guns themselves whose erotic charge draws us to them and makes us, willy-nilly, commit violent acts.“

Two of the characters, “both consider themselves pacifists, but both like the feeling of power and confidence that comes from carrying concealed weapons. “

It has long been a staple of the American Left and Hollywood liberals that the men who own and use firearms have a sexual response to them. Although Freudian psychology has long a discredited in major ways, the Left and liberals are terminally stuck in the 1900’s.

The sophomoric analogy seems obvious, though, in their eyes. Guns are phalluses which ejaculate with stunning force. How much more masculine a symbol can you get than that?

The irony is that it is the Left which glorifies its heroes with guns. Pictures of Che, Castro, Huey Newton, or now some Islamofascist firing into the air -- Osama Bin Ladin traipsing around Afghanistan with an AK-47 -- these characterize their brute love of violent force. If you study the American Revolutionary times and its iconography, you will not see these kinds of pictures.

Hollywood, of course, claims Americans love their guns just as the Danes above think, except it is the pacifist, metro sexual actors, directors, and writers in Los Angeles who gleefully brandish such objects and take such pleasure in pretend use of them. It isn’t the NRA which is funding movies where people are mowed down by the score, who make a fetish of guns.

“Vineberg [the director] has also been quoted as saying that "Pacifists with weapons is what most of the Western world consider themselves." This is telling because though not remotely true of "most of the Western world" it is true of the intellectual classes of progressive countries like Denmark and is becoming more true of the same classes in America all the time.”

Recently a friend of mine, a Korean war vet, took my daughter and me to a gun range to learn how to fire his .38 revolver. It was not a fun time. The recognition of how much force was in my hands was sobering, not stimulating. And the realization of what soldiers hear and face when they are told to run at others who are hurling such lethal bits of metal at them is staggering in the stress it induces since there was a great deal of firing going on, but nothing like the amount in a small firefight.

I did not like the gun, although I admired its utility, it’s grim necessity in this world.

A few weeks ago I bought a shotgun, and as much as I think it is a beautiful piece of engineering, design, and functionality the idea of actually having to use it in home defense scares the heck out of me. I have it because after New Orleans, I believe it is as essential an emergency item as bottled water, a radio, and food. An armed house is a much safer house in a time of crisis.

I think no more of firing a gun than I do in using my chef's knife. They are simply tools like my hammer or screwdriver. I think a great majority of people who own guns think that way, also.

It is the liberal and the Lefty who romanticizes firearms today. In fact, all their sick accusations are really nothing more than projections of their own depraved condition.

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