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Friday, September 30, 2005  

Get me outta here, rat now!

The NYTs Judith Miller dropped a dime to agree to testify when all she had to do was wait a week or two and she would have been home free without revealing her source.

Why did she give up?

Because jail sucks. She went stir crazy. She'd had enough and couldn't take anymore. Every night she argued the same debate - should I stay or should I go? Why would I want to stay here if I don't have to?

Judith Miller will probably receive all sorts of kudos and looks of awe from her colleagues for having stood upon her principles and suffered incarceration, but I wonder if Ms. Miller will be hearing the little voice that will be saying, "I wasn't tough, I turned out to be weak. I just couldn't take it anymore. I had to get out of there. JUst to have something decent to eat. Just to be able to sleep in peace without all these horrible noises, and all these crude, ignorant, and ugly people surrounding me, and all these times I can't walk up to a door, turn the handle and go where I want. I'm a weakling. I couldn't take it."

Talk to Chuck Colson. He went to one of those Club Feds for six months and converted wholeheartedly to Christ. Six months in a country club jail may be easy time to a real con, but to anybody else, it's a challenge.

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