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Sunday, September 11, 2005  

Following the Commandments

There's an old moral quandary about the Nazi who asks a citizen where some Jews may be hiding. Does the citizen break the commandment against lying or lie to shield the Jews?

Well, we know how the Yahoo's chief answered that question which resulted in the imprisonment of a Chinese journalist for passing on a government censorship order through his email:

We did not know what they wanted information for, we are not told what they look for, if they give us the proper documentation in a court order we give them things that satisfy local laws," Yang told journalists

"I don't like the outcome of what happened with this thing, we get a lot of these orders, but we have to comply with the law and that's what we need to do."

Yahoo is comprised of a great many self-righteous loony lefties who find nothing incongruous in helping a tyrannical group of Chinese communists crush freedom lovers in the country, yet love to give lunatic Dems lots of money and support here.

As someone once said, leftists don't embarrass easy. Don't you love capitalists who hate Capitalism who will do anything to make a dollar?

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