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Wednesday, August 10, 2005  

V is for Hollywood's Vendetta against US

Libertas details 10 new Hollywood movies soon to be released or are greenlighted for production which are undeniably anti-American or slanted toward America-is-evil allegories.

His point is that Moore's Farenheit 911 with its big box office has encouraged the nutballs to make even more America hating movies as a sure fired money making method, rather than try to piggy back on The Passion of the Christ's success.

How is it possible that shareholders will allow these movie companies to continue to be so thoroughly mismanaged and run down the tubes?

I just watched the German movie Downfall yesterday (brilliant) about Hitler's last days and the last days of the regime when they kept killing long after they knew they had lost and were doomed. They followed Hitler's orders even after his suicide, and had a psychotic frenzy for death dealing and suicide. Hitler ranted about wanting to take all of Germany and the people down with him. See this movie!

But when you look at Hollywood and the continuing flow of great resources for movies few Americans want to see and the elite determined to keep making them no matter what, you see a slight parallel in the fact that reality has no bearing on the minds and decisions of these people. They can't stop themselves from killing their industry in their contempt for ordinary human and American values.

The films listed above are being made by large, multi-national corporations - and will feature sophisticated, expensive marketing campaigns with A-list stars. Imagine Leni Riefenstahl cross-promoting Triumph of the Will with People Magazine covers and E! Channel specials. That’s more or less what Hollywood has in mind.

Again, explain to me why executives of major American corporations whose entire prosperity is based on American values like freedom, free markets, property rights, and defense of liberty against all who would destroy this system and culture, again, why would such men (yes, men) want to contribute their resources to products that desire to undermine the very nation and values upon which their success depends?

If this isn't the worst kind of Orwellian insanity or Peter Principle gone autistic, well, the mind is boggled.

These things cannot stand. A nation divided cannot last, but this is a division between the large majority of people who are happily bound to their traditions and the elites who are seething with ambition to destroy those traditions for no purpose other than an inchoate nihilism and the suicidal bent of narcissists.

Fair and Balanced

On a better note, The Great Raid is soon to be released and got a good review from Libertas.

This is the movie from the book, Ghost Soldiers, about the Ranger's raid to save 500 POWs from the Japanese who would have killed them while retreating in the Phillipines.

Every once and a while a decent movie sneaks out of Hollywood, but note that like Saving Private Ryan, the only soldiers who are celebrated come from wars we don't remember well since most of us weren't alive then. There have been no new movies celebrating the Viet Nam soldiers except Mel Gibson's We Were Soldiers Once.

Can anyone think of recently made Korean War movies, or 1st Gulf War movies that have celebrated our soldiers and their heroism?

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