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Saturday, August 06, 2005  

New camera

I have bought a new digital camera. A Fujifilm S3 Pro. With a 24-85 mm lens to go with it, I have been learning how to use it, and thus not blogging as much.

The heat in Sacramento has been simply unbearable (107 today), and so there is no point in going out to take pictures, but I am learning little by little since this camera is vastly different from my other Fujifilm F5000. It has a thousand features. All I want is to be able to set it on a customized Auto for quick and reliable shoting, but it may take some time for that.

I will be taking a brief vacation with wife to the eastern Sierras soon for a photo safari, and I hope to bring back a ton of good shots.

One problem is that I need a new computer (an Apple) to process these much larger files in Photoshop. My current PC is hopelessly slow and lame.

This is the hottest summer I've yet seen in Sacramento, I think. Since June, it's, for all practical purposes, been about 100 degrees average every day.

Oddly enough we had a very cool and extended spring right up to the moment someone switched the furnace on.

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