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Friday, August 19, 2005  

Must see movies

I watched an obscure little movie tonight which you must see if you want outstanding family entertainment (well, there are some swear words like sh*t) but it is quite wonderful nonetheless.

It is titled The Snow Walker. It hasn't any big stars, but was made in Canada from a Farley Mowat story by Charles Martin Smith who was in the Farley Mowat story Never Cry Wolf (another fine film).

The Snow Walker
is about a bush pilot in 1953 who crashes with a young Inuit girl who is sick with TB. Together they try to find civilization and survive. The pilot is taught how to survive the arctic by the girl and learn to become a real human being in the process.

The movie is beautiful and moving without being excessively lugubrious or over wrought. It has a few familiar faces like Barry Pepper and James Cromwell, but it isn't a "star vehicle".

Do yourself a favor and rent this movie.

The second movie is the German, Downfall. The last days of Hitler and the Third Reich are fascinating and chilling. You have never seen the story of the German madness better portrayed. In these days of Islamofascism, this movie is a teacher to remind humanity of just how far a culture can sink in depravity and viciousness that is without any bounds.

If you want to see what people are capable of at their worst, and how it all is, this is the movie to watch. It is a bit like seeing Jim Jones, Jonestown, the Kool-aid in macrocosm. It is unbelievable when you realize that there is no shortage of Hitlers amongst us, and they quite frequently get the power over others they crave.

They are not mad, and yet, they are insane with narcissism; so totally divorced from human reality, the ordinary daily conditions of getting by, caring about this and that, and hoping to be acting well for the sake of God, others, or some code of honor.

Hitler was no aberration. The freak was that he came to control a modern industrial state while creating and maintaining a base of ardent followers.

It also shows that the Germans were a special culture in their willingness to endure the megalomania of such people.

It is important to remember, though, that Hitler never won a majority election and was given power as Chancellor by Hindenberg. The German people as a whole never agreed to having Hitler as their dictator.

If you care about history and the present, you need to see Downfall.

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