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Wednesday, August 10, 2005  

More things in heaven and earth

Can a black box of a random event generator (numbers 0 and 1) predict the near future? Absolutely, and there is proof some say (If you're willing to consider the data).

But, according to a growing band of top scientists, this box has quite extraordinary powers. It is, they claim, the 'eye' of a machine that appears capable of peering into the future and predicting major world events.

The machine apparently sensed the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre four hours before they happened - but in the fevered mood of conspiracy theories of the time, the claims were swiftly knocked back by sceptics. But last December, it also appeared to forewarn of the Asian tsunami just before the deep sea earthquake that precipitated the epic tragedy.

Now, even the doubters are acknowledging that here is a small box with apparently inexplicable powers.

(via Instapunk)

You must read the whole piece. Many of the later notions in the article are speculative and strained regarding time and the future, but the data as presented is startling and worthy of serious attention.

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