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Thursday, August 25, 2005  

Moral exemplars

Being a hideous moralist (hideous, that is, to be people who make theirs up as they go along) I cannot help but wonder at the politicians (among others) who showed up to glorify a man who recently splattered his brains around his kitchen while on the phone to his wife and in the vicinity of his grandson. What a guy!

For those who are pleased to say his last act was entirely in keeping with his lifelong character, yeah, what a guy, indeed.

The company they keep.

The guest list was ripped from the pages of Who's Who: television journalist Ed Bradley; presidential historian and official Thompson biographer Douglas Brinkley; Depp; actor Josh Hartnett; former Democratic presidential candidates John Kerry and George McGovern; singer Lyle Lovett; actor Bill Murray, who once portrayed Thompson; and Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner.

Along more political lines, McGovern recognized Kerry in the audience and said the crowd would be calling him President Kerry if the last election hadn't been rigged. Then again, he said, that might not be the case if the election before that hadn't been rigged, too, and Al Gore had won.

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