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Tuesday, August 02, 2005  

Left Hand Meet Right Hand

Last June the California Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge to the Domestic Partners law the legislature passed. It was challenged on the grounds that it violated the marriage law passed by initiative by effectively making domestic partners the legal equivilent of married people.

The lower courts said, no, it did no such thing, and the state supreme court let that stand.

California's new domestic partner law, which gave thousands of gay and lesbian couples most of the rights of spouses under state law, survived a legal challenge Wednesday when the state Supreme Court denied a hearing to conservative religious groups seeking to overturn it. (SF Chronicle)

But yesterday the State Supreme Court said that same sex partners are exactly equivilent to married people.

Businesses that provide discounts, special services or other privileges to married couples must extend the same rights and benefits to same-sex couples registered as state domestic partners, the California Supreme Court decided 6-0 on Monday.

The ruling will affect a broad range of businesses, including banks and mortgage lenders, auto insurers and health clubs. Lenders will have to consider domestic partners' joint income in making loans, and insurers will have to offer the same multiple-driver discounts they give married couples. (LA Times)

The State legislature passed the law hoping that the courts would do exactly this. By a stealth method of justifying the law as not a same sex marriage bill, while effectively making it legally equivilent they knew they could get around the inititative the people passed defining marriage as it did.

What critics of the bill said would happen, is what happened. Gov. Gray Davis signed the bill into law.

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