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Saturday, August 20, 2005  

Hug a mosquito Part 2

I mentioned on the 10th of this month that some folks in Sacramento prefer mosquitos to people.

Here's gem from one of my fellowed concerned citizens:

The aerial spraying program continued to upset some citizens, with about 15 protesting on the north side of the Capitol on Friday afternoon.

Cary Chleborad, who lives in east Sacramento and makes optical assemblies such as telescopes, said he and others want the aerial spraying to stop because of health concerns about the insecticide, as well as worries that beneficial insects may be wiped out in the process.

He questioned whether the small number of deaths from West Nile warrants the drastic step of spraying by air, noting that many more people die from the flu each year.

"Yes it can kill people," Chleborad said. "But it's not the threat that has been blown out of shape."

Health concerns about the spraying (which will harm no one), but no concern about people dying of West Nile virus. What a prince you are, Gary.

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