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Monday, July 18, 2005  

What's wrong with this picture?

Judith Miller in jail:

Her time is also occupied with reading from the prison library and watching CNN and Fox News when other prisoners do not keep the shared television on hip-hop and rap music videos. "Those seem to be the favorite of the cell block," the editor said.

Don't you think TV ought to be restricted behind bars to something useful or innocuous like the History channel, the Food Network, ETWN, or another Christian station.

Hip hop and rap videos? I think not. And for Judith Miller? Not news channels. I'd say disconnect her from her ordinary world and mindset. It might do her more good and broaden the perspective and reach of her thoughts or soul.

Of course, jail rarely does people much good, but isolation and suffering can be effective means of personal development.

I expect that Judith Miller will come out this christened with a journo Purple Heart and sanctified status, though. What a hero!

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