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Tuesday, July 19, 2005  

We'll see

Instapunk has a great blog and this image I took below about Judge Roberts. Is he another stealth nominee who will not be a true conservative like Souter?

He has reason to complain.

"Few written opinions, an engaging manner, liked by liberals, tactful to excess (if verbiage counts), and no footprints leading to anything as damning as a philosophy. Does the word "stealth" still seem ominously relevant? Oh. And did we mention he went to Harvard and Harvard?

Well, here's the reality of abortion rendered in terms that even the math-challenged might appreciate. Americans killed by cash-only OB/GYNs in 32 years outnumber all the war dead of the United States since 1776 -- by a factor of about 40 (that means 40 times as many, Neal.). More Americans are killed every single day that Roe v. Wade remains in force than were killed in the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001. The total number of aborted babies exceeds the population of California, including however many illegal aliens are wandering around there today. The oldest of them would be over 30 by now, having children of their own, and in the economic terms that seem so key to attracting everyone's interest, they'd be adding to the GDP, reducing the budget deficit, buying stuff, and contributing valuable goods and services. On a more personal note, if we had them all here with us, alive, and some terrorist wiped them out in a catastrophic attack, when would the tears ever end?"


Ann Coulter thinks we're getting burned again.

I can't find any reference to Judge Roberts' religion from Google. If he is a member of a church or not, I have yet to discover. I would feel a little more hopeful if this fellow was a devout Christian of some sort; that is, that he had a strong foundation, a theological/philosophical base underlying his views and principles.

Update 2

Limbaugh says Roberts is a Catholic. But that doesn't mean anything these days. Justice Kennedy is a Catholic, too, who doesn't seem to hold any doctrines of the faith.

Update 3

"Roberts is married to the former Executive Vice President of Feminists for Life. This matters, and it cannot be underestimated. Look at Ginny Thomas and Maureen Scalia - one does not sleep in the same bed as someone who has dedicated themselves to this cause without ramifications. The strong opinions of the New York Times will not beat out the strong opinions of a dedicated spouse." (Via Redstate)

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