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Tuesday, July 19, 2005  

The Trajectory of a Star

As Pres. Bush recounted Judge Roberts career and credentials, I was struck by how direct and flat a trajectory this man's life has been.

Especially compared to mine.

Judge Roberts is only three years younger than myself. We are contemporaries but oceans apart.

From a modest, middle class background (I believe), he pursued a course to Harvard and then Harvard Law, always doing well in his studies. Became a law clerk to an important District Court judge, and then a clerk for the Supreme Court's Chief Justice. Then into Reagan's White House, Bush 1's White House, important private practice and the Federal Circuit Court, until tonight when it is likely he will become the next Supreme Court judge.

He is considered a brilliant lawyer and arguer before SCOTUS. Everything seems to have fallen perfectly into place for him. The right schools, the right jobs, the wife at the right time, and children.

If he is a religious man, I'm sure he must feel very blessed and grateful.

He is like a character out of a book. A real straight as the crow flies career. His life makes great sense.

Good for him, but I am envious because my life makes no sense at all to me.

I have been all over the map. My career was a hope that I make make something wonderful which enough people would love to afford me a job I liked doing - poetry, prose, novels, essays, plays, music, musicianship, composing, whatever came to hand.

I took Matisse's advice seriously - make everything more beautiful. That is what I lived to do, and suffered in myriad ways trying to become good at that.

If Roberts' life is a straight ascending line, mine was running the Minotaur's maze without a ball of string.

I think I have accomplished nothing much compared to a man like Judge Roberts; and yet . . . yet, I think I have loved Truth more than anyone I have ever seen or known. That doesn't count for much, but it's meant the world and universe to me.

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