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Thursday, July 21, 2005  

Too little, Too late

Ever since the 7/7 bombings in England, Great Britain has shown it isn't serious about not harboring vipers in its bosom. Whether a more draconian approach might have impeded today's bombings or attempt at such is hard to say, but if Great Britain was serious about rooting out the evil doers in its midst we would have seen the detention of perhaps thousands and the deportation process begun.

To date, no such thing has happened. The mad mullahs continue to preach their vile fascism, the mosques continue to spread evil Wahabbism, the book stores remain open, and so forth.

Does this mean America has done better? Not necessarily, although many credit the Patriot Act with improving internal security. Yet reports that 80% of mosques here spread Wahhabism and hatred of the West have not been altered by any government action to curtail them.

Will the English ever learn, though, and take the lead in Europe in repelling the Muslim evil which has infiltrated it? Who knows?

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