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Saturday, July 16, 2005  

Tancredo to galvinize public by running for Prez

This is good news
(via Redstate), and a great problem for other Republican candidates. Americans consistently show that their single most concern is wild illegal immigration. They respond to it wholeheartedly en masse when tempted to express their feelings even in California.

Tancredo could steal so much thunder by making this the number one issue in any primary in any state now that he could be a great spoiler and make other candidates come to Jesus.

Republicans in Washington have yet to figure out that Americans care about citizenship, their borders, and the lack of law enforcement more than anything else right now.

The war on terrorism is important, but it doesn't affect most people as directly as illegal aliens do, and the anger that generates everyday.

Good for Tancredo. If he runs, he will hurt all those idiot senators and governors who think that talking tough about terror will do the job of winning the public to them.

No, we want lower taxes, less government, and more enforcement of our existing laws.

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