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Friday, July 22, 2005  

The MSM has more credibility and professionalism than Stupid R Us bloggers

Derogatory comments about employers and fellow workers, leaks of proprietary information and other objectionable material broadcast into cyberspace have led to firings and lawsuits in dozens of cases nationwide.

Now the problem has surfaced in South Florida, in the newsroom of Miami New Times, the alternative weekly newspaper which is known for exposing seamy doings elsewhere.

One trigger for some of Carey’s objectionable blog postings: Last year, a former New Times staff writer who was terminated filed a gender discrimination claim against Carey with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The complaint has since been dismissed.

Carey responded by posting a series of derogatory remarks about the former reporter, whom she supervised. Carey expressed jealousy over the former reporter’s possible romantic relationship with a former New Times staffer with whom she also had a relationship. Carey’s most strident post about the woman was written during regular working hours on a weekday, which suggests that it was done in the office on a company computer.

In the post, Carey criticized the former reporter’s appearance, professional skills, sexual conduct, and mental stability. Carey’s blog also referred by name to other current and former employees and outsiders — including a Miami Herald reporter — as “totally nasty, mean, classless girls.” It also mentioned Mario Artecona, director of the Miami Business Forum, in a list of “constant negative anti-New Times forces.”

On a separate blog, which also was recently taken down, New Times’ calendar editor, Lyssa Oberkreser, a close friend of Carey, posted even harsher comments on July 2 about a different female staffer, an award-winning reporter who had just resigned.

Of course, New Times is one of the "alternative" weeklies which are asylums for nutballs, but a surprising number of them have worked or move into work for city dailies.

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