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Tuesday, July 12, 2005  

Karl Rove: fool?

It appears that Karl Rove spoke to Michael Cooper to warn him off a false story that Joe Wilson was pushing about the Administration.

Rove was doing Cooper a favor which turned around and burned Rove. Cooper turned Rove's cautions to him about Wilson into a big lie.

Why did Rove play patty-cake with Cooper to begin with? I'm ignorant about Washington game playing, but what did Rove owe Cooper, a snake in the grass? Obviously nothing.

Yet Rove accomodated Cooper with inside knowledge and was betrayed for it. The story was slanted to make Bush look bad. Yet, Rove bails him out with a waiver. Does this make any kind of Macchiavelian sense?

There is something in the water in Washington which turns intelligent people into "playas".

God help help us and keep us from these geniuses.

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