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Thursday, July 21, 2005  

It was a good day to die

The weather in L.A. is always good they say. Nice place to die. Except the 63 year old woman waiting at the bus stop probably didn't think it was the time and place for her to meet her maker.

But when you live in a place where the police have been told not to prevent crime, not to apprehend criminals, or stop criminals in the act of murder by shooting them -- well, what can you expect? Why should ordinary people be allowed to walk their own streets with some degree of security when deterring those who would molest them have lawyers and rent-a-mobs ready to scream bloody murder to the cameras every time one gang banger gets a split lip?

The the lawyers of criminals are running the system. The mayors of L.A. have not supported the police for decades now, and the courts and juries have made certain that cops who do their job will be threatened with jail or civil suits for every arrest they make.

You wonder how people can live oike this, put up with this? But the elites who make certain that law cannot be enforced don't often suffer from the anarchy, and what do the poor people who are most victimized by the vicious thugs in their midst matter? After all, they're just as likely to show up on the street screaming about police brutality when their cousin gets hauled into the squad car for holding up the liquor store.


I like to remind that in 1904 when we about 78 million people with a higher percentage of poor people, no doubt, about some 240 murders occurred in the entire USA. Go ahead and tell me again about how much better a nation we are since then. About how we are such a wiser, kinder, more tolerant people than all those rubes, boobs, and racists were back then.

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