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Sunday, July 17, 2005  

Hopeless Tactic

About 400 suicide bombings have occurred in Iraq since our invasion in 2003. Around 1000 people have been killed and 600 soldiers by them.

But the question no ne seems to be asking as we all stand in horror at every new incident is this: does it work?

Has it worked in Sri Lanka? I don't believe it has given the Tamil Tigers what they want.

Has it worked in Israel? It hasn't gotten the Arabs what they want (but they might get what they want still).

Has it worked in Iraq? Well, where can the Iraqis go? The attacks are meant to destabilize the country and lead to civil war. Not to lead to a better life for people. The more they occur, the more the Iraqis want the US et al to stay. Nor will they drive us out of Iraq unless a Democrat gets elected.

Kamikazes didn't help Japan hold off defeat, but rather increased hatred and resolve on our part.

In the history of warfare and now assymetrical warfare, suicide bombing is a fad as a tactic. It is effective at killing innocent people in relatively small numbers, but it is nothing more than pinpricks in actual war.

Assassination of leaders is probably a more effective tactic since there is no guarantee a new leader will be as good or better than the predecessor.

But Muslims will gradually see that even this tactic of martyrdom was a waste of time and lives, and become even more depressed at their failures to do anything about the superiority of the West.

"Here we are, blowing ourselves up for Allah, and what good has it done? Either the West is stronger than Allah, or maybe Allah isn't so hot after all."

I've spoken about the indomitable return of magical thinking by secularists who proclaim that human sacrifice will make society and life better (abortion).

The Islamists practice the same thing. If we blow ourselves up for Allah, thereby expressing our sincerest devotion and faithfullness, Allah must respond by giving us what we want: triumph and ascendency over the infidels.

Certainly the leaders of the Islamists are cynical men who are acting purely out of a pragmatic belief that these tactics will work against people, just as the leaders of Planned Parenthood don't actually believe that society is improved by abortion or women's lives by killing their unborn children.

But eventually, the rhetoric of martyrdom for Allah will resound as hollowly as the pro-abortion slogans do now.


If a civil war does begin in Iraq as it increasingly may because of the suicide terrorists, then some bets are off. We may leave Iraq in some respect and wait for the dust to settle. But civil war won't lead to a Sunni al-Qaeda success story, but their destruction (well earned).

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