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Sunday, July 24, 2005  

Hewitt's Pathetic Attempt

Okay, I hardly read the whole thing.

Hewitt attacks Tancredo and blah, blah, blah.

I have one question for Hewitt or for any of us:

What's the limit on the number of people you would kill to protect the life of your child, or children and family?

Two? Ten? A thousand? Ten thousand? A million?

Here's my answer: I have no limit on the number of people I would kill to protect my child and family.

Now, like Hewitt, you might say, "but you'd end up killing a lot of innocent people! You can't do that! That's immoral!!"

No, it's not immoral. A lot of innocent people died in the World Wars of the 20th century. A lot of innocent Japanese died at Horoshima and Nagasaki. We killed them anyway.


For a simple reason. When from a particular culture, people arise who do wanton harm to their neighbors, they not only forfeit their own rights and lives, they forfeit the rights and lives of their most innocent members.

When Islam breeds nothing but sickness, tyranny, slavery, terror, fear, murderers and rapists, we can't really discriminate between the innocent and guilty very well; and so we kill as many as we think we need to in order to secure our freedom and safety; however many that may be (which, in some cases may be all).

Consider the American Indians. If someone had brought to the Sioux a button and said, "push this and all the white men on this continent will die" do you think Crazy Horse or Sitting Bull would have hesitated? Not a chance, of course.

Would that have been wrong or immoral? Not according to God.

Hewitt still thinks there are legal equations involved regarding proportion and equivilence. But there really aren't such things when it comes to the Western way of war. The way that says: smash them so they can't get up and ever bother us again!

Hewitt doesn't mind a little innocent blood on his hands. He just doesn't want a lot of it. Well, who does? But life is not so charitable when red in tooth and nail as groups compete.

Hewitt and others need to study God's impassiveness in the face of the competition among creatures which He created.

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