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Monday, July 04, 2005  

"God! God, why did you put so many idiots in the world!" (The Great Santini)

Dear God in Heaven now Pres. Bush has joined the Governator in complete and total idiocy:

While rejecting any "quid pro quo" on climate change, Bush nevertheless acknowledged that human activity is at least partly behind the apparent warming of the planet in recent years.

How did these ostensibly conservative Republicans become idiotarians, and the dupes of junk science? Obviously, these two dim bulbs don't know science at all and so they depend on advisors. Who are they listening to? That's what I want to know.

There's not a single credible conservative publication (as far as I know) which endorses manmade global warning as fact, and I'm sure they have the scientists on their side to prove that the "findings" or models are pure nonsense. Why isn't Bush and others listening to them?

If Bush can't stand up to this lunacy, what hope have we that Congress and some other president aren't going to cripple our economy in order to feel good about themselves and can go to Davos, rub elbows, and enjoy the fellowship of the wise.

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