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Thursday, July 21, 2005  

Does anyone know God?

I am so sick of watching people on TV, hearing politicians speak, walking among my fellows, hearing their opinions, and observing the endless supply of loudmouths proclaiming their infallibility that I am sometimes stunned with the sense that -- Not One of These People has Any Notion of God.

It’s not just political, but so many preachers, priests, philosophers, artists, poets, and thinkers -- Not One of These People has Any Notion of God.

I’m not the only one who thinks humanity is severely lacking in apprehension of absolute reality. Jesus anticipated it: many are called but few are chosen; when the son of man comes again will he find any of faith upon the earth? The broad highway leads to destruction, and so forth.

Listen to a Chuck Schumer, a Patrick Leahy, or a Ted Kennedy for one minute and you will want to kill yourself because of the fact that a majority of people in their States elected such stupid, venal imbeciles. There is not one word that comes out of their mouths that smacks of truth, of God.

When I have stood before my local school board or town council or candidate’s night, I leave the event wanting to weep because I have encountered people who have no sense! No curiosity or imagination or ability to examine reality in any kind of disinterested way.

It is as if I am dealing with twisted and perverted children. Make an argument? Persuade the reasonable? Not bloody possible!

The highest people in office in our government -- the President, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and you discover from biographies that almost all of them are pathetically small minded, ignorant, power seeking fools.

The governor of California turns out to be a nincompoop when it comes to rational conception of science along with the President who accepts the notion that global warming is caused by Man.

Have they no sense? Do they not know how to question scientists or view divergence of opinion? Do they not know how to look at history, natural and that of people? Do they not understand the hyperbole of scientists who never cease to cry wolf?! Every decade screams a new disaster from scientists. Has nobody noticed? Is there no wisdom in people?

No, there isn’t. And that’s why I grimace over and over again. Human beings are fools in the main. God help us all.

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