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Wednesday, July 20, 2005  

Desperate MSM

The Sacramento Bee called me tonight about my subscription to the newspaper. I only take it on Sundays. They offered to let me have it all the other six days for free for three months.

Great deal, no?

I told them to shove it.

No, I was polite and said even though free, I do not want it Sam I am. I get my news elsewhere from the Web, and until they change their ways, their editorial policies, and so forth, I will never subscribe to their paper more than I do now, and I'm thinking of cancelling that. So there!

Seriously, the McClatchy company which also owns the Star-Tribune in Minneapolis is starting to lose circulation for its papers.

All they offer is free papers to people who hate their slant on things. Why they don't try to become "fair and balanced" is amazing since these are public companies with stockholders, but maybe they will drive the stock so low that someone will come along, snap it up, and turn them around by creating a paper that actually reflects the views and desires of the public which reads.

It isn't just their editorial and national news slant that disturbs. They stink at local news also. They helped destroy Sacramento High School which was turned over to a basketball player with a utopian agenda. They endorse nutballs for local offices.

The paper cries about racial profiling, stopped using the word illegal to describe criminal invaders they call undocumented immigrants (but are dropping the undocumented part now, too).

The Bee's editorial board and basic staff reporters are complete lefty loonies who get people killed with their stupidies.

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