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Tuesday, July 05, 2005  

Bashing the theo-cons

There seem to be a great many people on the Right who take a particular pleasure in smearing people like Judge Roy Moore or Alan Keyes because they appear as weird Christian Neanderthals to them.

The Left, of course, lives for the chance to point to theo-cons as the siamese twin of the Taliban.

But the Cons at The Corner and elsewhere are ashamed that they agree with Moore in this WSJ Online ope-ed. It's like agreeing that Hitler did a good thing in bulding the autobahn or the Volkswagen.

The great rift between the theo-cons and the neo-cons is that the Neo's are irreligious. They have no knowledge of God, no experience of grace which they attribute to divinity, and no confidence in an afterlife. They also tend to lack a sense of an absolute conviction of a moral universe while at the same time needing to rely on Natural Law to base their rhetoric and principles upon.

It is in fact true that genuine Christians are killjoys and spoilsports as the secular Right and Left imagine. They want to protect themselves and their children from pornography, stupid forms of entertainment. They condemn loose behavior, bad clothes, sick music, vile movies and video games, and many things that less scrupulous people take for granted as worthwhile pasttimes or pleasures.

Why are they so tyrannical and Nazi-like according to non-devout Christians and the secular? Because they care about their children enough to want to shield them from gratuitous sin; the easy way people indulge themselves in vice.

Such "puritans" are not against fighting and dying in war, though. They have great courage because they have great faith and hope, but to the people who are of the world, they are obnoxious at all other times.

Yes, America relies upon the faithful in a crisis, but spits in their faces when the danger is passed and calls them puritanical hypocrites, and sick, demented holy rollers who live to take the fun out of life and oppress others.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A real puritan doesnt want so much to make others live as he does, but seeks to make others leave his children and family alone. He knows well their vicious lures and desire to corrupt the innocent.

And in a democracy, why shouldn't the puritans prevail if they are the majority?

Does Bush think that the Iraqis are suddenly going to discover religious tolerance in their new constitution or nation? No more than they have in Afghanistan. Is that freedom if the majority are intolerant of other religions?

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