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Thursday, July 21, 2005  

Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies

One interviewee for the Supreme Court says that Bush didn't ask him about his views on abortion but probed his background and life growing up.

Hmmm. Exactly why is Bush and conservatives so delicate about seeking to know what a man thinks?

I realize that there is some ettiquette involved, some dancing to be done, but it still seems that the President of these United States who is about to appoint someone to one of the highest offices of the Republic can darn well say, "So, Joe, what about abortion, gun rights, property rights, and same sex marriage? What do you think?"

What's the guy gonna do. "Well, sir, I can't answer those question because I can't appear prejudiced."

"Okay. Thanks. Next!"

No, the fellow will say what he thinks in a roundabout way by talking about his religious faith, his love of the Founding Fathers and their intentions, how he's a lifelong hunter and frequenter of the gun range with his .38 home protection special, and so forth.

But to not even ask? How insane is that!? I mean, my God, what's the problem here? Have we become too polite to ruffle the feathers of someone who is drooling with the hope of an appointment? Please, God, go ahead and make the man uncomfortable. This isn't a dinner party we're having here, this is a Republic we're trying to protect and save.

And how about this: "After the interview, I don't want you to go out and blab everything we talked about to the media. You will keep this confidential and save it for your memoirs or you will never be considered for a higher office again. Even after I'm out of office the word will have long been passed around, he can't be trusted. Capice?"

Geez, people, be a little bit firm.

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