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Thursday, July 07, 2005  

After thoughts

I have a better sense of how Europe among others experienced our 9/11. My first thought when my wife told me about the London bombings was, "thank God it wasn't here."

Nor do I feel as emotionally disturbed as I did on 9/11. This detachment is simply a matter of nationality. I am an anglophile for the most part, but do not have the same attachment or depth of feeling for the English as I do for my own people.

I wish this were not the case, but identity is not fungible. Of course, when I begin to hear personal stories of pain and anguish, my heart will enlarge with feeling for the suffering of the victims as I do when confronted with the misery of those who lost loved ones in New York.

I hope the English will feel a strong desire to revenge themselves on their enemies (and ours) and resolve to kill them wherever they are, and to redouble their efforts to reclaim their nation from the multi-culti lunatics; and send the unassimilating Muslims or traitorous packing.

My fear is that it's too late for England as it is for Canada and Spain.


I just heard that two Americans were killed in the terror attacks. Somehow, that got to me more than the rest. There is something about fellow feeling for one's countrymen which trumps all others feelings in this world of nations and enmities.

My other fellow feeling which touches is in belonging to the tribe of Christians. It is surely strange to rank the nature of one's responses to things like this, but what can you do?


It doesn't seem like the English are very angry about this, though; nor do we hear much from our President or Congressional leaders of both parties expressing the kind of rage that such events deserve.

What is the matter with people? Do they think it is somehow wrong to be furious with the actions of pure evil? What does it take to rouse us or the Europeans? Does anybody get mad as hell anymore? I do.

I'm taking about real and active evil. Not some idiot conspiracy, nutball notion of evil Republicans and Jews controlling the world for oil. I mean the pictures of real people being carried away dead or wounded; of children in Beslan; of bodies falling from the twin towers; of Jews blasted in a bus in Israel.

That makes me angry and enraged.

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