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Thursday, June 23, 2005  

Hoisted on their own petard? I wish.

Howls of anguish will be heard from not just the Right this tyime, but also the Left (eventually) over the SCOTUS decision of state taking of private property.

Wealthy developers and greedy-for-campaign-funds local politicians will be happy to throw Aunt Bee out of her lovely oceanfront, riverfront, lakefront, parkfront, desireably located home for the sake of the next Wal-Mart or Trump Tower or New York Times building.

Now, Ginsberg and company did not trample private property rights in order to benefit the rich and corrupt. They did so because as de facto communists, they don't want the People to retain any actual rights that leave them more powerful than the State.

In their minds, eventually the State will be run not by the rich and corrupt but by people like them and will have need to engineer freely as they see fit without the People being able to thwart their desires.

That's why some on the Left will howl a little bit, but it won't be for long since they don't really see themselves as owners like Aunt Bee, but as takers like city councils.

For example, you don't think the city councils of Berkeley or Davis, California aren't more than happy to have this power of taking?

Or to quote Carl Sandburg, "The People, Nyet."

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