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Tuesday, May 24, 2005  

Told ya so

Powerline observes:

Here's what I don't understand: year after year, the American people vote for conservative candidates. But it just doesn't matter. You can vote for conservatism, but you can't have it. No matter who gets elected, government programs spiral ever farther out of control. And--especially tonight--one really wonders whether there is anything the voters can do about it.

This is in response to further news that Florida also provided Viagra to convicted sex offenders. But it could have been said about a dozen other Republican failures and spineless acts.

It is something I have often remarked upon. People always say that all politicians are liars. And they are right, but also wrong. Politicians lie to get elected because the majority of people have little capacity to face facts and accept truth; and direct speaking alienates or divides people more than it rallies and unifies them. So of course politicians learn to be as bland and generic as possible.

The other fact is that once elected, despite their original good intentions to actually serve the people, politicians enjoy being winners. It is no longer triumph of a cause they seek so much as their continued success in being in the arena. And they don't get re-elected by cutting spending, but by doing better when they increase it for their districts or states, their friends and their businesses.

Dyed in the wool Christians (moralists) and conservatives (Friedman or Hayek devotees) are a small minority in the nation. Very few people are serious about their beliefs and convictions.

The vast group classified as moderates (and who classify themselves that way) are actually the extreme bulge of the bell shaped curve. They are the great Indifferent, and thus the great dupes of the propaganda of the Left which infuses every debate with the perfect "out" for moderates - moralism is meanness and bigotry while fiscal and property conservatism means less spending for their needs.

What law is it that states, "Every institution becomes liberalized unless expressly determined to conserve its nature by hard rules."

Thus the Catholic Church maintains its normal standards for faith and morals, while our Constitution cannot withstand the assault upon its seeming set-in-stone rules.

Of course, the Catholic Church is constantly corrupted in every other way that men can relax their behavior and undermine discipline.

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