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Monday, May 30, 2005  

The slippery slope

Arguments about using human embryos for research have no interest in the "genesis" of the situation: the failure of government to apply moral knowledge and experience on our behalf by making in vitro fertilization illegal.

Only the Catholic Church stood up and opposed scientists when they first began to create human life outside the womb. Now, of course, the immorality of it goes completely unmentioned. Just as the immorality of creating human life to destroy it will soon go unmentioned because the groups which oppose it will lose the argument (already have).

It is painful to keep pointing out that selfishness and immorality is the default position of human beings.

Arlen Specter's pathetic (and I mean that sincerely) attempt to justify expediency with human life by appearing as a poster child for needed medical salvation was a beautiful illustration of a sick, grasping ghoul, a desperate vampire desiring the blood of children to be made well.

Others see him as a poor soul in search of healing. Yet, how can you not look at such a figure and ask, "Haven't you lived long enough? Why aren't you ready for God and eternity at your age?"

We send fine young men into harm's way to protect our nation and way of life, but can't tell old fools to prepare for death.

It is no wonder that people desire immortality since it is our inalienable condition, but we should have the wisdom to prevent people from seeking it in this world of flesh.

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